Many students find it difficult to learn English.

Does this sound like you? How would it feel to have people tell you that:

  • Your English speaking is great

  • Your pronunciation is excellent

  • They love your authentic British accent

Your confidence would soar, wouldn’t it?

Now imagine if someone told you that you can do it…and it only takes 3 simple steps to become fluent, forever.

No way! Only 3 steps?! That can’t be possible.

Well, it’s possible. I’ve decided to share what I’ve been teaching my students so that you too can be a wonderful English speaker. I’ve put together an incredible training program and called it: Three Steps to Fluent English.

It is time to take that giant step towards becoming an English Language Pro!

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Become A Master Of The English Language, Fast

I will teach you how to learn English in the same way that English children learn it, by listening to the sounds of the language, and learning how we move our mouths to make these sounds.

This foundation will make learning English much more enjoyable, because it will be less difficult, and your English listening, reading, writing, and speaking will all get much better. Become fluent in English and get from where you are to where you want to be.

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to the Course

  • 2

    Step One - Listen

    • Learn like a Baby Learns

    • Listen

  • 3

    Remember What You Learn

    • How to Remember What You Learn

    • How to Remember with Anki

    • How to Create an Anki Flashcard Deck

    • Other Things you can Remember with Anki

  • 4

    Step Two - Just Speak

    • Just Say It

    • How to Think in English Audio

    • How to think in English PDF

  • 5

    Step Three - Speak like a Native English Speaker

    • Step 3

  • 6


    • Shadowing - The Story of Ken Xiao

  • 7

    The Sounds of English

    • Train Your Ears to the Sounds of English - Introduction

    • Train Your Ears to the Sounds of English - Monophthongs

    • Learn the Sounds of English - Diphthongs

    • Train Your Ears to the Sounds of English - Consonants

    • Conversational English

  • 8

    You Got Rhythm

    • Rythmic Words

    • Rhythmic Sentences

  • 9


    • Animal Idioms

  • 10

    Extra Resources

    • Extra Resources

  • 11

    A Trick for Learning English Faster

    • A trick for Learning English Faster

  • 12

    Shadowing Teddy Bear With Paul

    • Teddy Bear

    • Teddy Bear Part 1

    • Teddy Bear Part 2

    • Teddy Bear Part 3

  • 13

    Shadowing "Your Future, Your Choice" with Paul

    • Introduction to Shadowing

    • Shadowing with Paul - Your Future Your Choice

    • Shadowing With Paul - YFYC 1

    • Shadowing With Paul - YFYC 2

    • Shadowing With Paul - YFYC 3

    • Shadowing With Paul - YFYC 4

    • Shadowing With Paul - YFYC 5

  • 14

    Shadowing with Jenny

    • Teddy Bear

    • Teddy Bear Part 1

    • Teddy Bear Part 2

    • Teddy Bear Part 3

  • 15

    Shadowing Aesop's Fables

    • Shadowing Ass in the Lions Skin Audio

    • Shadowing Ass in the Lion's Skin PDF

    • Shadowing "Belling the Cat" Audio

    • Shadowing "Belling the Cat" PDF

    • Shadowing "The Goose that laid Golden Eggs" Audio

    • Shadowing "The Goose that laid Golden Eggs" PDF

    • Shadowing Aesops Fables "Cock and the Pearl"

  • 16

    Videos of How to Pronounce the 44 English Sounds

    • Introduction to the 44 English sounds

    • 1. ee as in see

    • 2. i as in sit

    • 3. u as in good

    • 4. oo as in too

    • ee oo exercise

    • 5. e as in egg

    • 6. uh as in away

    • 7. er as in her

    • 8. or as in for

    • 9. a as in cat

    • 10. u as in up

    • 11. ar as in father

    • 12. o as in on

    • 13. ear as in hear

    • 14.Ure as in cure

    • 15. air as in there

    • 16. ei as in eight

    • 17. oy as in boy

    • 18. eye as in my

    • 19. oh as in no

    • 21. p as in pen

    • 22. b as in bee

    • 23. t as in ten

    • 24. d as in do

    • 25. ch as in chair

    • 26. j as in just

    • 27. k as in can

    • 28. g as in go

    • 29. f as in five

    • 30. v as in very

    • 31. th as in thing

    • 32. th as in this

    • 33. s as in so

    • 34. z as in zoo

    • 35. sh as in she

    • 36. s as in pleasure

    • 38. n as in nine

    • 39. ng as in long

    • 40. h as in house

    • 41. l as in love

    • 42. r as in right

    • 43. w as in we

  • 17


    • Voice Care Tips

    • Voice Warmup Exercises

    • 50 Tongue twisters

After taking this course:

  • You will understand native English speakers

  • You will no longer need to translate in your head when you have a conversation

  • You will have more spontaneous conversations

  • You will speak more naturally

No matter your English level, these Three Steps to Fluent English are essential to a fast journey to fluency. You will even begin to think in English. You will not feel like you are working hard or stressed out - learning English can be an enjoyable experience, just like it should be!

When you purchase the Three Steps to Fluent English program, you will get loads of things to help you, including:

● 20 audio files

● 30 videos

● 10 PDFs

This will take you step by step through the process of becoming a fluent English speaker. I’ve carefully crafted this training program from beginning to end, so that you will discover exactly how to get consistent results.

I’m giving you this complete training program for only $47! This is a special introductory offer. The price will be going up so grab it while you can!

Here’s my guarantee. If you follow the Three Steps to Fluent English, then your English skills will definitely improve. You will need to work – there’s no magic pill to English fluency - but it will become easier over time.

However, if you find that you follow this training and your English has not improved, then your money will be refunded under the 30 day money back guarantee. But don’t take it from me, take it from some of my satisfied students

Oh, by the way, if you purchase now I will include these three bonuses:

  • Bonus 1: Voice Care Tips

    The reason that you’re learning English is to be a good communicator, right? Whether you’re a student or in a profession it’s important to look after your voice. These voice care tips will ensure that you will have a powerful voice for a long time to come.

  • Bonus 2: Voice Warmup Exercises

    As an English student or business person, you may be asked to give presentations. Use these warmup exercises to relax your body and warm up your voice before you speak, and you will give a more powerful presentation.

  • Bonus Three: Tongue Twisters

    Politicians, actors and professional speakers all use tongue twisters to improve their diction. You will find these tongue twisters difficult to say at first, but once you've mastered them you will be unstoppable.

What Others Say...

Philip Muthusami, English Class Project leader.

Paul teaches Advanced students for our English Classes at the Living Room, Angel, N. London. Many students have found his personal support and focus on learning through sounds to be invaluable towards speaking fluently. His experience as a voice coach enables them to overcome foreign accents and to learn to pronounce words like a native speaker. I’d highly recommend his services for anyone who’d like to learn to speak with confidence and competence."

Thanks to Paul's coaching my English has improved and I feel more confident when having conversations in English.

Salvatore Fois

I met Paul Andreas in a group English lesson. I thought "He is an exceptional teacher, have never known such a pleasant and effective method to learn a foreign language"

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will this course really help me to learn English quicker?

    Yes, by training your ears to listen to English sounds and your mouth to speak them, learning English will become easier and more enjoyable for you. Moreover, we will show you a system for remembering what you’ve studied.

  • Are you a qualified teacher?

    Yes, I am a qualified English teacher and pronunciation coach. In addition I am a qualified Speaking Coach, certified by Craig Valentine, a former World Champion of Public Speaking. Moreover, my daughter, Sarah, who helps me to present the course is also a qualified teacher, who has taught English overseas.

  • Will the course be updated?

    Yes, from time to time, we will be adding new material.

  • Is there a guarantee?

    Yes, there is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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